With a growing number of vegetarians and a rising interest in the flexitarian movement, pubs that previously relied on burgers are now having to look at alternatives to provide for this new market.

The rise of meat-free burgers

Meat-free dining is on trend and its rise in popularity has been well documented – it’s predicted a quarter of the population will be vegan or vegetarian in just five years. This has led to a host of veggie-friendly options being released by major fast food chains.

But it’s not just vegetarians who are cutting out on meat. Flexitarians are a new type of discerning consumer – those who do eat meat but are looking to reduce the amount of meat they consume. This group now make up 68% of UK diners, according to The Foresight Factory.

Big on flavour and kind on margins

Now more than ever diners are looking to try something new while eating out – so there’s never been a better time to introduce exciting new dishes to a pub or bar menu. Grilling Cheese is good news for gastropubs and bars managing tight profit margins while championing quality. 78% of consumers think food quality contributes the most to the dining experience and expectations of food quality has also risen in 2019.

Affordable, but high quality, meat alternatives – like Grilling Cheese – can help address the balance between profitability and quality, at a competitive price point for publicans across the country.


A delicious alternative to burgers

Grilling Cheese is the versatile and mouth-watering way to add in-demand meat-free burger options to pub menus and Arla Pro’s latest launch is perfect for targeting the ever expanding flexitarian market. 

Made of three simple ingredients, it rides the wave of in-demand meat alternatives while delivering a high return on investment for publicans – and a delicious meal for customers.

“It ticks all the boxes. I can make fries, burgers and drop it into salads and curries. There’s absolutely no waste,” says Nick Carter, Executive Chef and Owner, Livelyhood Pub Company.

Jonathan Dixon, Vice President of Arla Pro said: “To satisfy the growing UK consumer trend of actively reducing meat consumption, Arla Pro are helping publicans deliver profitable, tasty, meat-free dishes on menus with the launch of our Grilling Cheese. Made from only three ingredients, it’s perfect for meat free burgers, delivering on taste and kitchen functionality